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Harms Way - Isolation


separate myself 
separate my soul
break free
separate my soul
there’s a place for me
separate myself
away away away

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CSTVT - Rogers Alexandra

We’ll drive just to drive, it doesn’t matter where we go. 
It doesn’t matter…
Then back to your house, to crash on your couch.

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Trying to finish up writing for a new project called Colourful Hill. It’s a solo-thing for now, recording four songs next month. Will do a very small run of cassettes in June.
I have no idea what you’d call it, but I’d say it draws some small amount of influence from bands like Hum, Mineral, MBV, Red House Painters, Swervedriver, Jawbreaker, and Killing Joke. Get into it or don’t.
Mineral - Gloria

Mineral - Gloria

'Cause I just want to be something more
Than the mud in your eyes
I want to be the clay in your hands

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Anonymous asked: Pourquoi t'aimes le Québec?

J’aime le Québec pour deux raisons. Un raison est parce que ma famille est du Québec et je m’identifie avec l’héritage Québécois. Le français n’est pas ma première langue et j’suis né aux états-unis, mais mon grand-père parlait français et j’apprécie l’histoire et le culture de la province. 

Aussi, je l’aime simplement. Montréal est une belle ville (bien qu’elle est un peu sale). Le centre du Québec est la plus belle région d’Amérique du Nord. La ville du Québec est belle aussi, et j’aime les régions rurals comme Saguenay, Rouyn-Noranda, etc.

Aussi, la poutine.

Anonymous asked: Do you think you're a good teacher?

I think I’m very good at some things, but need work on other things. Speaking in terms of time and experience, I’m still relatively new at this.

I think I know my content more than most social studies teachers. Coupled with the fact that I’m teaching the content area I studied in college & that I want to be teaching (unlike a lot of other teachers, surprisingly), it seems like students really pick up on that. I think I’m also good at questioning and getting students to explain themselves/dig deeper. Even though a few students dislike my class and might even dislike me, I think I generally am respected by most students as well. I’m also fairly skilled at assessment design.

But I definitely need to work on differentiation, specifically in working with IEPs. That’s something that most teachers need to work on though, with constantly shifting expectations from administration. I’m always looking to improve on ELL strategies as well, teaching in a primarily latino school. And I’m working to improve management as well, though I’m not terrible with it.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - I Will Be Okay. Everything.


No, we aren’t ghosts. Cause even ghosts have a home to haunt.

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever regret being a teacher or wish you did something else?

Nah, I don’t regret it. Even though it’s a lot of work and I’m not currently teaching my ideal age group, I love my job. The challenge keeps it interesting, and I basically get paid to talk about history all day.

My plan is to teach K-12 for around two more years. I’ll teach at the same school next year, but may branch out and try to teach high school French afterward. I’ll be heading to grad school after all of that to complete a Ph.D in Russian history. I’d like to teach at the university level, but with dwindling job prospects in that field, it may be a pipe dream. If I don’t land a university job, I’d gladly return to teaching high school.

Anonymous asked: Do any of your students know about your tumblr or your music?

1) Definitely not

2) Not to any real extent. I have a couple of students that play guitar, and I’ll gear chat with one on occasion. Another knows that I used to play in a touring band (Think Again), but that’s about it. And some of my former students in MA know, but again, it was a very different situation.

Besides, the vast majority of students at my school don’t listen to anything outside of 2 Chainz and Chief Keef.

Anonymous asked: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Two main reasons

I’ve always loved history, geography, and social studies, and had an elementary school teacher that really helped me unlock that passion. I wanted to find a way to do the same for others, whether their passion be history or something else. 

But perhaps more importantly, I had mostly terrible social studies teachers throughout middle and high school. The way that history and social studies is taught and treated in the United States is abhorrent. In most states, it is getting tossed aside in favor of “important” subjects like mathematics and science. I’m not at all claiming that those are unimportant, but when we’ve got 11th and 12th graders that think Africa is one country and adults that can’t interpret or explain the Bill of Rights, I would think that the last solution would be to start cutting social studies programs. But because it’s a harder subject to quantify, our nation’s focus on standardized testing has left it in the dust.

So I guess my larger reason was wanting to do a better job than most of the other social studies teachers I’ve come across; the coaches who could care less about what they’re teaching, the retired military dudes who just needed something to pay the bills, and especially the teachers from other content areas who got “stuck” teaching a history class. I’ve witnessed all three and it made me sick to my stomach.

beecarrr asked: I know you're picky about equipment but I need a few avenues to look down as far as bass amps go. I just bought a cab and want to use it!

Go used. Bass amps that sound good are usually way cheaper to come across than the same thing for guitar gear.

My personal favorite “budget” head is an old Sunn Concert Bass, but they can be tricky to come by (especially around here). I’ve seen them go for as little as $200, though that seems to be changing.

There are a lot of older amps that are awesome, though I never see them around in Oklahoma. Old Peavey amps (Mark IIIs and the like), American-made Acoustic amps (not the new foreign-made ones), and all of that rule and can usually be found for cheap.

But for something easy to locate that will sound dope, check out Gallien-Krueger (GK) stuff. Avoid the backline series, but pretty much everything else is great. I ran a GK 1001-rb II for close to 5 years and it sounded awesome.