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Courtesy Drop - Stranger Than Friction

always latching on

to anyone with some affection to spare

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Getting out of bed is the struggle

Friends (à industrial skatepark of Oklahoma)


live @ Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TN

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Penfold | M

Just wandered onto the “US emo” facebook group for all of three minutes and concluded that just about everyone in that scene is an actual troglodyte. Terrible human beings (though I probably didn’t need said group to confirm that).

Someone take away these kids’ internet privileges.

Do I make more irresponsible decisions (i.e. get tattooed next week) and just live off of rice for the next month?

Rehoboth Beach, DE
Memphis, TN

The Gloria Record | Grace, the Snow is Here

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Gordon Paul
Tigers Jaw - Softspoken

Tigers Jaw | Softspoken

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