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I suggest you only ever tell lies.
Because once you tell the truth they’ll break your heart.
Don’t ever look them in the eyes.
Because those eyes are gonna rip your heart apart.
I recommend you keep your distance,
Because once you get too close , you’ll lose control.
Don’t ever fall in love; just stay buried in your lonely hole.
Take it from experience: desperate acts are ridiculous.
Don’t ever tell the truth, because the ones you love will do the same to you



n. a poser juggalo

"the gathering was fresh as fuck until all these puggalos gripped the last of the faygo"



Brandon has decided to leave Hollow Breath to pursue other goals. We’re not stopping the band, Skyler and I will be continuing it with other members. We’ll be recording two songs for a split with our great friends in Warrior Prince at the end of September. We’ll likely take a short break to…

Even though I’ve been feeling particularly lonely as of late, I’m excited that Colourful Hill is finally taking shape. Have a killer line-up and a cool first show that will be announced soon. Splurging on gear also helps.

Staying focused on the good things.

The Get Up Kids - Shorty

The Get Up Kids | Shorty

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Bane - Wrong Planet

Bane | Wrong Planet

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Aftershock 4x12 cab w/ V30s. Grabbed this for cheap today, sounds doooope.

Not going to Oklahoma City anymore today. So Tulsa, let’s hang out a little bit.

FOR SALE: Carvin Legacy 4x12 guitar cab w/ V30s

Selling my Carvin Legacy 4x12 cab. It’s loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and runs mono at 16 ohms. This cab rules and sounds dope as hell. Very well built and is in excellent shape.

$300 obo

(other amps/cabs aren’t for sale)

Cab is located in Tulsa, but I’ll be in Oklahoma City a few times in the next couple of weeks.

By the time I’m out of here, I will have been at The Vanguard for about 11 hours. That is stacked in top of a 10 hour shift yesterday. And I have a show to play in OKC tomorrow. And something going on Sunday for a good portion of the day.

Prepared to lay in my bed for the entirety of Monday.

Trapped Under Ice | Evelyn

We live and die with our opinions
I`m not saying it`s not anything
It`s just not everything
If a problem doesn`t stare you back
Then maybe it`s not worth looking for
When you corner me to knock me down
To make you seem less profound
There are three words I will say:
'I don`t care'